Universities Offering Occupational Therapy Degree In New York

If you live in the United States and desire to become an occupational therapist in New York. If you also passed your undergraduate school, and you decide to choose Occupational Therapy as a career. I think we have some perfect data here to make it easy for you to choose the best school for occupational therapy schools in New York.

Here we have the top 5 occupational therapy colleges in New York.

Clarkson University.

At Clarkson, the Occupational Therapy program commits for preparing therapists to actively respond to current and emerging societal requirements. This affect or influence other individuals’ occupations and careers.

  • They give experiential and practical teaching to help students grow internalised functioning models. It is for practicing OT in a culturally diverse and new practice environment.
  • At Clarkson, they have Assistive Technology and smart Simulation Lab. Labs provide simulated living experiences and advanced technology. The labs can simulate a real living space and include high-tech possible solutions and answers to everyday dares. These areas like adaptive driving equipment, environmental controls, low vision supports, assistive technology devices, and simulators.
  • Clarkson has a healthy science-base module that offers students in-depth knowledge and know-how of the human body. All knowledge through classroom instruction and cadaver dissection.
  • Clarkson has a robust research program that allows students to engage in practical, clinical research. Research promises to impact clinical practice.

At Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, the Occupational Therapy Department serves the community’s health needs by preparing you to engineer occupational therapy solutions that enable health and well-being throughout an individual’s lifespan.

Dominican College

At Dominican College, the entry-level Master’s OT curriculum requires scholars to get admission in academic level. It includes 7 trimesters (63 credit hours) and two trimesters of fieldwork (6 credit hours) for 69 credit hours.

All students require completing two levels Level I and Level II Fieldwork Experiences. For Level I Fieldwork experience, all students require two six-day expertise in connection with the Level I Fieldwork Seminar course (3 credit hours).

Students enter the OT program with a strong, wide-ranging arts foundation Dominican College. This includes specific courses in the social and basic sciences. The prerequisite course of Occupational Therapy 521 Introduction to Occupational Therapy will make it sure that all Occupational therapy students have a basic understanding of the profession. It’s career history, philosophy, and domains of concern. In order to facilitate a successful transition to the graduate professional-level of Occupational Therapy education.

Upon completion of the OT program, the degree confer a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy for those already holding Bachelor degrees or higher, and a combine Bachelor of Science/Master of Science degree for COTAs holding an Associate degree.

D’Youville College.

Occupational therapy expects to experience sudden growth as a career over the next few years. As the demand for its various services increases, especially among the aged and old worth increases. You can work in many areas as an occupational therapist, from neonatal ICUs to the skilled nursing area, to help patients restore function and live a healthy life.

Most states, including New York (U.S), demands licensure to practice. At D’Youville College, students are prepare to become a register occupational therapist by conducting National Board for the Certification of Occupational Therapists (NBCOT) exam.

OT Degree in D’Youville

D’Youville offers two pathways to achieve a master’s degree in OT (Master’s Degree).

  • Enter the combine degree program of D’Youville as a freshman. You will gain direct admission into the master’s program with no need to re-apply and complete your degree in 5 years.
  • If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another area of study, enter their master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (MS) and complete your degree in 3 years.

Hofstra University.

At Hofstra University, they teach you how to make an impact by treating clients. Treating them with emotional, developmental issues, mental, and physical disabilities. Also helping them develop, recover, or enhance the skills they need for daily living and help them to recover their lost abilities. At Hofstra University, the MS in Occupational Therapy is an on-campus. It is full-time program that includes lab experiences with classroom instruction. This university prepares graduates to sit for the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam. Scholarships are available for qualified candidates.

There are also two types of fieldwork experiences, Level 1 and 2. They are design to integrate and apply academic learning and clinical practice. Level I fieldwork beginning in the first semester, this education is integrated as part of coursework. To start developing professional behaviours and clinical observation skills, assignments are made for students and scholars. They are to observe clinical conditions and occupational therapy practice. Level II fieldwork experiences occur following completion of all coursework. Students apply techniques and theoretical concepts to develop entry-level practice skills. Students have to complete two twelve-week full-time placements to work with patients across the lifespan and with a range of conditions.

Practice settings include hospitals, schools, outpatient rehabilitation, outpatient hand therapy, sub-acute and skilled nursing facilities, sensory gyms, adult day programs, community, behavioural health, and home care.

Ithaca College

OT is a health-relate profession that uses “occupations” to bring meaning and happiness to the daily lives of disable people, groups, and populations so they can actively participate in society and other activities. At Ithaca College, you will gain the skills and knowledge require to become creative, reflective, and ethical practitioners in hospitals. Practitioners can teach a patient how to correctly take help from a wheelchair, play with equipment and devices to encourage a toddler to develop body awareness, balance, and coordination, or demonstrate voice-recognition software to help patients operate their computer.

At Ithaca College, students will earn their OT degree in the following two paths:

  • Combine bachelor’s/master’s program (BSMS), where you enter the university as a fresh first-year student, get your bachelor’s degree after four years of study and finish with a master’s degree.
  • Professional Entry Level Master’s program, where you enter as a graduate student after earning a bachelor’s degree in another major or at another institution.