Why Occupational Therapy?

Why occupational therapy?

Old or young, we all have a job to do-work life. Learn, grow, play, work, manage our homes, and care for our families is the “job” of life. Unfortunately, physical, emotional, or other challenges often prevent people from fully participating in work life. Illness, injury, depression, or developmental problems can make it difficult for people to perform tasks of daily and be independent. Occupational therapy-vibrant, growing professions-enabling people to get independence. And to enjoy life to the fullest. By choosing a career in OT, you can make a difference! You will improve the lives of people, from newborns to the very old. Students today can look forward to a dynamic career with people of all ages. And the employment prospects for occupational therapists bright!

Career approach

The latest information published by the US Department of Labour, the Bureau of Labour Statistics has projected that job prospects for occupational therapists will increase. In the next few years they will continue to do so in the future. In particular, he stated that “the work of occupational therapists is expected to increase much faster than average for all occupations through the year 2014,”. Which means the job is expected to increase by 27% or more.

Advantages of occupational therapy

One of the most advantages of a career in occupational therapy is a wide range of opportunities available to graduates. Many practitioners choose to help children develop in the “work” of childhood. As learning, play, and grow. Therapists are working in schools with students who are learning disabilities and behavioural problems. Others work with premature newborns in the hospital pediatric or children with cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other different disabilities.

Occupational therapists also work with patients in their homes, community centres, rehabilitation hospitals, businesses, and nursing homes. In this setting, occupational therapists help people with traumatic injuries, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, or mental health problems, besides that learn to live productive lives through the use of meaningful work.

Specialization in OT

Those who joined the field today can choose other areas of practice. Which are increasingly important. This new specialization, includes training workers to use proper ergonomics at work, help people with low vision maintain their independence, make buildings and homes more accessible. And the older driver evaluation and training, and promoting health and well-being.

Everyone wants a career that allows you to be creative.OT may not appear on any list of the traditional “creative” work. But to call it otherwise is flat out wrong. It is a field of occupational therapy evolved from the use of arts and crafts as a result meaningful way. It is therefore, to motivate clients to work towards a goal. And without it feeling like a therapy, a practice that continues today.

For instance, you are working with low-income people at risk for diabetes. You could say, “You have to work out X times a week and eat healthy”. However, many people forget off exercise simply because they do not enjoy it. People also do not know what it means to eat healthily or lack of access to non-processed foods.

Gardening Actions

So, instead of all this you may construct a community garden project, but in which everyone, who participates benefits in more ways than one. Not only has the gardening actions proven to reduce stress and increase physical activity, but the participants can also reap the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour, in turn, leads to healthier eating habits.

So occupational therapy is a profession for individuals, who care about people and have a desire to learn, achieve and contribute the best for the community and the profession! Moreover, you can get more knowledge about OT here.